About The Club

The Austin Champ Owners' Club (ACOC) was established for Owners & Enthusiasts - Past, Present and Future.

Born out of the Northern Champ Group and other regional groups, the Club was formed by a group of friends to further their common interest in Austin Champs.

Our objective is to raise the profile of the Austin Champ and provide a source of information and contacts for people interested in these vehicles.

The ACOC has members from literally all over the globe and has no formal committee or appointed officers and does not hold AGM’s (Annual General Meetings) or elections. No hierarchy of named club officers have ever been appointed. The club has grown on individual strengths and is self-regulating.

With a widening membership a club magazine (Champ World) was launched. Club members each pay a yearly subscription, which funds the production of the magazine and its distribution.  Members volunteer to run area groups around the UK and the rest of the world.

The ACOC is an association of persons meeting periodically for a shared activity and is a none profit making club run by members for and on behalf of members. Members of the ACOC who voluntarily take on responsibility for any organisation or event concerning the ACOC do so solely on the basis of their enthusiasm for the Austin Champ and do so without any personal liability, legal or financial.

Now the club has been established, a separate ACOC bank account has been set up. All monies in and out of the club will continue to be accounted for in a synopsis of published accounts.

Our stated aims are:
To improve the profile of the Austin Champ
• Pull like minded people together
• Provide a medium where Champ information can be stored and shared
• Devise and publicise events
• Provide guidance on owning and maintaining a Champ
• Use Champ World and The ACOC Website as our main communication conduits
• Have some fun and enjoy some good company

The ACOC is registered on DVLA V765/1 list of Vehicle Owners Clubs.